Speed Seekers Event Format

This event format is what we used at Road America to exicute a well defined system.



There will be 120 cars allowed to register for the event and the cars will be placed into one of 4 respective groups.  Groups will be labeled as A, B, C & D.  The groups are defined as stated below. 


Group A “Assertive” Class -- These drivers are seasoned and drive other tracks and events. Drivers are capable of driving aggressively in a safe manner. Drivers are very comfortable passing and being passed within the set passing zones.

Group B “Advanced” Class -- Drivers have driven Road America and other tracks and events, and may drive more conservatively than the "Assertive" Class. Drivers are comfortable passing and being passed.

Group C “Intermediate” Class – Drivers have limited track time and drives conservatively. Passing may be limited in the class due to experience and comfort levels.

Group D “Novice” Class – Driver has little or no track experience and will drive very conservatively in this group. Very little passing expected.

Note 1. All classes must observe the same passing/ no passing zone markers and proper passing procedures.

Note 2. Cars with street tires and completely stock brakes are recommended to be placed in the C & D groups.

Questions regarding grouping, please E-mail us at: dan@speedseekers.com


Each group will take turns running 20 minute sessions throughout each day beginning with the “A” group. 



Layout of event for the weekend


Gates will open at 7:00 a.m. for entrance into track facilities.  Everyone- including guests, must first go to the registration booth for check in.


On Saturday, tech inspection will be done to all cars beginning at 7:00 am and to be completed prior to mandatory driver’s meeting.  No vehicle will enter the track without inspection.


Mandatory driver’s meeting will begin at approximately 8:30 a.m.  A series of parade laps will follow the meeting and a second meeting (if necessary) will take place 


Once the all of the above stated has been completed, and the track is cleared OK by the track safety personnel, Group “A” will begin its session.


There will be a (1) one hour lunch break on both days, as well as a 10 minute break each afternoon.


Saturday and Sundays on track activities will conclude approximately at 5:30 p.m.



Special notes for Sunday-


Sunday morning there will be a driver’s meeting at approximately 8:00 a.m.


There will be no tech required as long as you were inspected on Saturday, unless if you have been instructed to have your car re-teched on Sunday morning


Sessions beginning with Group “A” will begin shortly after the meeting.